Chakra Correspondences

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Chakras first came to the attention of philosophers in the West in the late 1800's, early 1900's. However they did not reach the attention of healers and large numbers of people until the 1960's.
It was during the mid 20th century that the 'rainbow' colour correspondences were applied, which are easy to remember and which do give useful correlations. They are designated (w).
However the original colours vary from this and the Vedic correlations are marked (v).
There are variations in the endocrine glands linked to each chakra, but original texts did not include these anyway.
Please use the information below to identify which chakra best matches your needs or a goal you wish to achieve, then return to the database and click onto 'Chakra' in Box 1 and enter the number of the chakra (1-7) you have found into Box 2 and click on 'Search'.

Root (1)

Energy: energy, drive, libido, action, danger, beginnings
Physical: legs, feet, hips, coccyx, adrenals (gonads)
Emotional: anger, passion, enthusiasm, impatience, selfish
Mental: assertiveness, innovation, scattered
Spiritual: grounding, protecting, practical spirituality
Colour: red (w), yellow (v)
Element: fire, earth
Unbalanced:   lethargy, ungrounded, chronic fatigue, tied to the material world, acquisitive, overactive, restless

Sacral (2)

Energy: play, flow of energy (or lack) trauma, creativity
Physical: gonads, bladder, large intestine, sacrum
Emotional: nurture, fun sensual, resentful, obsessive
Mental: creative, practical ideas
Spiritual: protects the etheric body and aura
Colour: orange(w), white (v)
Element: water
Unbalanced:   constipated on al levels, loads of unsuccessful ideas

Solar Plexus (3)

Energy: gently warms, activating, organising,
Physical: organs in midriff, skin, immune system, nerves, pancreas, lumbar spine
Emotional: happy , proud, joy content, fear, anxiety
Mental: creative, lazy, choices, logic, memory, worry
Spiritual: sense of Self, wisdom
Colour: yellow (w), red (v)
Element: earth, fire
Unbalanced:   lazy despot, craves attention,, bossy, over-intellectual, perfectionist, tense

Heart (4)

Energy: expansion, growth, power change, Nature, patterns
Physical: lungs, heart arms, thoracic spine
Emotional: love, care, share, inhibit, repress, boundaries
Mental: independence, space, trapped freedom
Spiritual: doing "one's thing"
Colour: green (w & v)
Element: wood, air
Unbalanced:   repressed, inhibited, paranoid, easily swayed by others, believes everything and everyone

Throat (5)

Energy: speech, calming, flow of information
Physical: neck, ears, thyroid, nose, parathyroid, cervical vertebrae
Emotional: peace, loyalty, fanaticism, trusting, reliable
Mental: beliefs, teaching, philosophy religion
Spiritual: subtle communication, clairvoyance
Colour: blue (w & v)
Element: water, ether
Unbalanced:   stutter, thyroid problems, speech problems, chatterbox, fanatic, hypocrite

Brow (6)

Energy: cooling, removes energy, quietens
Physical: eyes, pineal gland (pituitary gland), cranium
Emotional: cold, aloof, observant, silent, distant
Mental: detached, far memory, perception, intuition
Spiritual: ability to see patterns of behaviour, events
Colour: indigo (w)
Element: (water) light
Unbalanced:   cannot see beyond the obvious, inability to relate to anybody

Crown (7)

Energy: balancing, harmonising
Physical: top of head, brain, pituitary gland (pineal gland), parietal bones
Emotional: empathy, sympathy, martyrdom, victim
Mental: imagination, illusion, inspiration, delusion
Spiritual: co-creative, practical spirituality
Colour: violet, white, gold, multi-colour (all w)
Element: thought
Unbalanced:   too focused on the material, ungrounded, no energy, cannot function in the world, digestive problems