Element Correspondences

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Asessing an individual's health and susceptibility to dis-ease through the elemental make-up of their whole being is the basis of many health systems throughout the world.

In the Vedic traditions of India (V) dating from several thousand years BC, the elemental make-up of the world is seen to emerge of out the element of Ether or Akasha, giving rise to Fire Earth, Air and Water. The theory behind this system forms the basis of the chakra system, yoga and several energy-based healing skills.
In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) there are said to be five elements: Fire Earth, Metal, Water and Wood. These are seen as co-dependent and the relationships between any two elements can be supportive, diminishing or mutually antagonistic. The theory behind this system is the basis of acupuncture, acupressure and shiatsu.
In Europe the Greek philosopher and doctor Empedocles, (490-430BC) stated that the four elements, Fire, Earth, Air and Water were seen to be the source of 'love and hate and above all, diseases'. The correspondences to these elements closely match those of Vedic Traditions.

Where one element is predominant or lacking a person, they exhibit particular characteristics in their behaviour and outlook. Both the positive and negative traits are often evident, side by side. Disruption or disease within an individual, often brings about an increase in the negative traits of their personal elemental balance.

Look at all the correspondences and the postive or negative of any trait identified. Please use the information below to identify which element best matches your needs, whether that is to deal with something or to work towards achieving a goal and then return to the database and click onto 'Element' in Box 1 and enter the element you have found into Box 2 and click on 'Search'.

Fire (TCM)

Colour: red
Season: summer
Sense Organ:tongue
Emotion: +ve: joy, happiness, expressive, energetic, changeable, inspiring
-ve: aggressive, lacks confidence, worries, restless, ambitious
Body Orifice: ears
Body part: blood vessels
Life Aspect: spirit
Meridians/Times of the Day:   Heart (11am-1pm), Small Intestine (1-3pm) Circulation/sex (7-9pm); Triple warmer (9-11pm)

Fire (V)

Colour: red
Chakra: solar plexus
Emotion:+ve: enthusiasm, confidence, idealism, innovative, ambition
-ve: anger, arrogance, bitter, selfish, reckless, self-indulgent, irritable
Body Function: digestion
Sense: sight
Characteristics:+ve: enabling, forgiving, inspiring
-ve: controlling, short-tempered, selfish

Earth (TCM)

Colour: yellow
Season: late summer
Sense Organ:mouth
Emotion:+ve: sympathy, steady, honest, reliable, loyal, logical
-ve: stubborn, lonely, acquisitive, self-seeking, demanding
Body Orifice: mouth
Body part:flesh
Life Aspect: ideas
Meridians/Times of the Day:   Spleen (9-11am); Stomach (7-9am)

Earth (V)

Colour: yellow
Chakra: root
Emotion:+ve: courage, refined, secure, reliable, traditional
-ve: obstinate, fearful, lazy, acquisitive, perfectionist, insecure
Body Function: structure, stability
Sense: smell
Characteristics:+ve: ability to complete, grounded, spiritual
-ve: stuck, dull, ineffective

Metal (TCM)

Colour: white
Sense Organ:nose
Emotion:+ve: faithful, helpful, disciplined, organised, self-reliant
-ve: grief, nervous, destructive, oversensitive, self-preserving, rigid
Body Orifice: nose
Body part:skin and body hair
Life Aspect:animal-self
Meridians/Times of the Day:  Lung (3-5am); Large Intestine (5-7am)

Water (TCM)

Colour: blue, dark blue, black
Sense Organ:ears
Emotion:+ve: resourceful, honest, sensual, brave, dreamy, creative
-ve: fear, phobia, sly, self-serving, cowardly, secretive, pessimistic
Body Orifice: anus, genitals
Body part:head hair
Capacity:trembling to create release
Life Aspect:willpower
Meridians/Times of the Day:  Kidney (5-7pm); Bladder (3-5pm)


Colour: orange, white
Chakra: sacral
Emotion:+ve: passion, clarity, caution, sensitive, loving
-ve: jealousy, loneliness, fantasy, stubborn, possessive
Body Function: reproduction, fluid transport (blood, lymph)
Sense: taste
Characteristics:+ve:creative, flowing, release, warm
-ve: compulsive, obsessive, unwilling to change

Wood (TCM)

Colour: green
Sense Organ:eyes
Emotion:+ve: steady, sympathetic, gentle, helpful, logical, tough
-ve: anger, competitive, perfectionist, impatient
Body Orifice: eyes
Body part:nails, hands, feet
Life Aspect:spiritual faculties
Meridians/Times of the Day:  Liver (1-3am); Gallbladder 11pm-1am)


Colour: green
Chakra: heart
Emotion:+ve: compassion, co-operative, inventive, optimistic
-ve: greed, impulsive, distant, excitable,easily distracted
Body Function: breathing, nerves, immunity
Sense: touch
Characteristics:+ve: honest, humorous, independent, practical
-ve: judgemental,impatient, intolerant, frustrated

Ether [Akasha](V)

Colour: blue
Chakra: throat
Emotion:+ve: joy, capacity to hold space for others to develop and grow
-ve: grief, isolated, lack of awareness of others
Body Function: ability to swallow, subtle energy flows & communication
Sense: hearing
Characteristics:+ve: expressive, silence, self-exploration
-ve: controlling, manipulative, over zealous