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Plant Consciousness

Specialise essences for spirtual work

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Address Cross Cottage, Abbeycwmhir, Powys, Wales, LD1 6PH

Producer: Emma Farrell


PipEssence is a range of natural based holistic sprays, each essence has unique ingredients lovingly combined to help you with everyday challenges and emotions in life.

Based on Dr Emoto's principals that proved that water droplets can store and memorise information and vibrations. Each of the Mother Blends has been created with different layers of vibrations combined from: stones, crystals, sound, flowers, envirnmental, channelled, with a finishing touch from essential oils as a light scented note.

Each can uplift. rebalance, cleanse and work with your uniqueness, either in your auric field or in the environmentl you are in.

By setting your intention for the water droplets to help you, allows each of the essence's unique energies to work.


Contact Details

Address 49 Bovisands Park, Bovisands Lane, Down Thomas, Devon, PL9 0AE
Telephone 01752 862223

Producer: Pippa Handley Cooke