BAFEP Essence Database

The database currently holds information about the essences of BAFEP members.
It is constantly being added to and updated.





Looking for an essence you know the name of:

You can search for information about an essence by leaving 'Essence Name'in box 1 and then putting the name of the essence you want to find in box 2. (Tip: Use the main common name, e.g 'oak' or 'poppy' as this will bring up the most results) Then click 'search'. This will give you all the producers who make that essence and all information about that essence from different points of view. If you know the Latin name of the plant you want then choose that option in box 1 and put the name in box 2. Then click 'search'.

Looking for a specific producer's range of essences:

You can search for a BAFEP producer's essence range by clicking 'producer' on the drop-down menu on box 1 and then putting the name of the essence range you want to find out about in box 2. Then click 'search'. This will give all the essences in that producer's range.

Looking for an essence to help you:

If you want to discover which essence(s) might help you with an issue you want to work with or a goal you want to achieve then go to one or more of the information pages, (link on the right). These give you information about chakras, elements and colours linked to different issues and desires. Choose which correspondence best matches your needs. Chakras are labelled by number, elements and colours by name.

Then return to this page. In box one, using the drop-down menu, click on your chosen parameter (chakra, element or colour), then in box 2, enter the chakra number, element or colour name. Then click 'search'. This will bring up all essences that correspond to your choice. There are links from each essence to the producer's website/shop, where they have one, or to their contact details.

Looking for essences made by a specific method?

Click on 'method'in box 1 and then in box 2 enter:
Sunlight or boiled or moonlight or living or indirect etc (See information menu of 'Methods of Making Essences'to the right)

Looking for specific types of essences?

Select a 'type' from box 3. Types include flower/ plant or environmental or combination or mineral or channelled or spray or other (for light, colour or other sorts of essences) or you can chose 'All'to look at all listings
For detailed description of each type see the information page on 'Types of Essences'

How to use essences

Please click here to open guidelines (PDF) on using essences: Click Here

Our thanks to Simon Lilly, Vivien Williamson, Carrie Thomas, Rebecca Hunter for photographs for the database.
Disclaimer: The essence descriptions in this database are those of the named producer(s)and do not reflect any opinion, belief or imply any endorsement by BAFEP or any of its officers.
Please contact the specific producer for more information.