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Narcissus ssp

Type: flower/plant
Chakra: 3
Element: earth, ether
Colour: yellow

Resonates to the following
(ajax) Aligns mental body with Higher Self. Useful in deep meditation techniques and for listening to guides or the Self. Works with the crown chakra to pass information to the conscious mind. Useful in deepening daily meditation practices.

Green Man Essences (Made by Sunlight method)
Golden Dukat - abundance

Double daffodil can help those who have a rigid and constricted attitude and find it difficult to be expressive. It opens the heart to the rich abundance of life and allows in feelings of joy and happiness.

Sun Essences (Made by Living method)
(Narcissus pseudonarcissus)

Appreciation of talents.

Wild Daffodil is indicated when your talents seem insignificant or do not appear to fit into society. This essence can help the recognition of their worth. Once they are used with this positive attitude, they can blossom and grow with abundance.

Sun Essences (Made by Living method)
Tenby Daffodil: To attain deep inner wisdom “ Use me as a light tool” which gives guidance on which spiritual path to take

Silvercord Essences (Made by Sunlight method)
'Put the spring in your step'. This bright and cheery essence helps us to feel self-confidence, inner sunshine and balance. An aid to meditation, it brings us 'into the Now' and helps us access our intuition.

Healing Heart Essences (Made by Sunlight method)